US Homeland Security Investigation commends efforts of the Department of Justice and the Office of Cybercrime in fighting the war against child pornography

18 January 2017

This is a validation of our efforts to protect our children from
the evils
of exploitation and pornography!

-- Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II


US Homeland Security Investigation attaché Ransom Avilla present to DOJ Secretary  a A Letter of Thanks for the Assistance and Cooperation extended by the DOJ and the Office of Cybercrime in the fight against Child Pornography. Office of Cybercrime Agent Ramiro Bersamina received a Certificate of Recognition for his efforts.

The US Homeland Security Investigation, represented by its attaché, Ransom Avilla,  recently delivered a letter thanking the Department of Justice for its cooperation and “tremendous assistance” in the Calvin Bernhardt child pornography case.

Calvin Bernhardt, an American national caught exploiting Filipino children in cyberspace  was convicted by a federal court of five counts of child pornography and child exploitation crimes, he is now facing up to 25 years of incarceration in U.S. prison.

“Our Filipino, has always been and will always be, the hope of our future. They our future. The DOJ will support all efforts to protect them. Let this be a warning to preying pedophiles, we will come after you!”, Secretary Aguirre said after he received the communication.

The letter of thanks, ended by stating, This is an example on how our collective efforts can combat and bring to justice, pedophiles involved in this horrific crime against children.

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