Citizen's Charter




    1. Frontline Services


      1. National Prosecution Services
        1. Receiving of Criminal Complaint for Inquest Proceedings
        2. Receiving of Criminal Complaint for Preliminary Investigation and Other Pleadings
        3. Provision of Prosecutor’s Clearance
        4. Provision of Certified True Copy of Documents
        5. Receiving of Application for Petition for Review


      1. Board of Claims
        1. Receiving of Application for Victims Compensation


      1. Legal Staff
        1. Processing of Application for Exemption from Anti-Dummy Law Pursuant to Ministry Order No. 210, s.1980
        2. Issuance of Certification of “Not-The-Same-Person”
        3. Processing of Non-Immigrant Visa Application Under Section (47) (a)(2) of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, as Amended


      1. Administrative Service


        1. Personnel Division
          1. Issuance of Certificate of Employment
          2. Issuance of Personal Travel Abroad Authority


      1. Technical Staff
        1. Issuance of Certificate of No Pending Administrative Case


      1. Office of the Secretary – Appeals Management Office
        1. Provision of Certification of Case Status on Petitions for Review/Motion for Reconsideration
        2. Receiving of Application for Appeal/Petition for Review


      1. DOJ Action Center
        1. Provision of Legal Assistance


    1. Non-Frontline Services


      1. Administrative Service


        1. Cash and Disbursement
          1. Payment of Compensation to Victims


        1. Personnel Division
          1. Receiving of Application for Employment


        1. Records Management Section
          1. Provision of Certified True Copy of Documents
          2. Retrieval of Official Documents


      1. Financial Service
        1. Obligation and Disbursement of Funds
          1. Grant of Cash Advance for Travel, Team Building, Field Activity Current Operation Expenses
          2. Reimbursement of Expenses for Official Local and Foreign Travel
          3. Payment of Airfare for Foreign Travel Through Travel Agency via Send Bill
          4. Replenishment of Petty Cash Fund
          5. Reimbursement of Transportation Expenses of Process Servers/Liaison Officers/Collecting Officers
          6. Reimbursement for Gasoline Expenses and Fees (for DOJ Office Vehicle)
          7. Payment/Reimbursement for Training/Seminar/Workshop
          8. Payment/Reimbursement of Monthly Bills for Water/Power Services
          9. Payment/Reimbursement of Monthly Bills for Telephone/Internet Services
          10. Monthly Payment of General Support Services (Janitor/Security)
          11. Monthly Rental of Building/Office Space and Monthly Newspaper Subscription
          12. Reimbursement of Expenses as National Scholarship Program for Development Grantee
          13. Reimbursement of Registration Fee for Seminar/Training including Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Fee
          14. Payment of Special Counsel Allowance for Court Hearings
          15. Reimbursement of Meeting Expenses
          16. Payment of Honoraria for Lecturer/Resource Speaker
          17. Payment of Honoraria for Members of Special Projects
          18. Purchase of Common0Use Supplies and Equipment from Procurement Service-Department of Budget and Management
          19. Purchase of Accountable Forms Through National Printing Office
          20. Payment of Fidelity Bond
          21. Payment for Procurement Through Public Bidding
          22. Payment of Procurement Through Small Value Procurement
          23. Alternative Mode of Procurement – Shopping A (Unforeseen Contingency Requiring Immediate Purchase (The amount shall not exceed P200,000.00)
          24. Alternative Mode of Procurement – Shopping B (Regular office supplies and various equipment not available in Ps-DBM, not exceeding P1,000,000.00)
          25. Alternative Mode of Procurement – Direct Contracting (Applicable for the purchase of goods)
          26. Payment of Terminal Leave Benefits
          27. Service Fee of Hired Job Order Personnel
          28. Salary and Other Benefits of Original Appointees
          29. First Salary and Other Benefits – Transferees
          30. Salary Differential Due to Promotion/Step Increment (for individual claims)
          31. Final Salary
          32. Final Salary Due to Claims of Heirs of the Deceased Employee
          33. Payment and Retirement Benefits
          34. Representation and Transportation Allowance – For Individual Claims
          35. Payment of Pension Differential


      1. Planning and Management Service


        1. Evaluation and Statistics Division
          1. Processing and Generating of Statistical Report
          2. Preparation of Gender and Development Plan and Budget


      1. Information and Communications Technology Service
        1. Provision of Technical Support


      1. Technical Staff
        1. Review of Contract


      1. Board of Pardon and Parole
        1. Receiving of Request for Parole and Executive Clemency
        2. Processing of Request for Follow-up on the Status of Petition/Application for Parole/Executive Clemency


      1. DOJ Action Center
        1. Provision of Legal Counselling for Walk-In Clients


      1. Office for Alternative Dispute and Resolution
        1. Accreditation Procedure for Private Alternative Dispute Resolution Provider Organization
        2. Accreditation Procedure for Private Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioners/Neutrals
        3. Accreditation Procedure for Public Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs
        4. Procedure for the Approval for Alternative Dispute Training Programs





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