DOJ-OFC establishes International Division

20 October 2014

The DOJ-Office for Competition announced today the establishment of its International Division which will be responsible for maintaining and fostering OFC's international relations, particularly in formulating and reviewing the country's strategic international interests in relation to competition policy and law.

"The International Division complements the existing divisions of the OFC, particularly in view of the increasing requests from fellow government agencies for OFC to participate in several trade agreements and negotiations which have their own competition policy chapters," said Secretary Leila M. De Lima. "This dedicated unit will reinforce our commitment to forging international partnerships in the field of competition policy and law in light of globalization and regional economic integration," she said.

Assistant Secretary Geronimo L. Sy, Head of the OFC stated that the International Division will increase engagement with stakeholders and provide focus on advocacy. He noted that the International Division aligns with the functions of the OFC under Executive Order No. 45 on the promotion of international cooperation and strengthening of Philippine trade relations with other countries, economies, and institutions on competition policy and law.

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