No Massive Layoff in NBI

17 July 2013
Contrary to an earlier news report, there will be no massive layoff in the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) with the approval of its  Rationalization Plan. This was the statement of NBI Director Nonnatus Caesar R. Rojas in a statement issued today.  
"There are no layoffs. NBI personnel covered by the Rationalization Plan may retire early with bigger incentives than the usual retirement, be assigned to other government agencies specifically within the Department of Justice, or stay on in the NBI until the  position  is vacated when they retire, transfer or leave the office," he said.
Director Rojas said that in order to streamline and make the organization more dynamic, personnel may  be reassigned to other divisions of the NBI where they may be needed without diminution of salaries or benefits.
"It is simply incorrect to say that at least 148 NBI employees will be laid off as reported in the news Thursday," he added.
The NBI Rationalization Plan was designed and conceived way back in 2005 as a government-wide effort to streamline offices and  establish more integrated functions.
Since 2011, the NBI has hired a total of almost 70 new agents and   investigators and is opening a last batch for recruits for 2013. A related press release on the completion of the NBI's Rationalization Plan is attached. 

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