DOJ Issues Guidelines on the Use of ICT

31 May 2013

The Department of Justice recently issued the official DOJ Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy to ensure that ICT facilities are used properly.

In Department Circular No. 041 dated 08 May 2013, Secretary Leila M. De Lima underscored the significance of the optimization of ICT resources.

"ICT is a valuable tool to drive performance and increase transparency," she said. She added that these resources should be regulated to bring about efficiency and effectiveness in Department operations.

The ICT Policy, which applies equally to all personnel of the DOJ and its agencies, covers all ICT equipment, software, data in all formats, accessories, networking facilities and services. It likewise contains provisions on virus prevention, e-mail accounts, privacy and logging, user responsibilities, prohibited acts, tolerated use, and disciplinary action, among others.

The Department has already deployed application systems for its on-line leave application, inventory, payroll and other internal systems.

"Technology will save resources and allow work-life balance. It can and ought to be harnessed for the ends of justice," said Assistant Secretary Geronimo L. Sy, DOJ Chief Information Officer. "Technology for Justice we call it," he added.

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