DOJ partners with Ports Authority to promote competition, decongest Manila ports

16 April 2013

The Department of Justice through its Office for Competition (DOJ-OFC), in partnership with the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), is set to conduct a Forum on Ports entitled "Identifying the Challenges and Competition Issues in the Expansion and Growth of Manila's Seaborne Trade" on 16 April 2013.

"The idea of this conference is to gather all  the stakeholders in the ports industry particularly in Manila to find ways and means to improve the competitiveness of the country's premiere seaborne gateway," said  Secretary Leila M. de Lima. "The President tasked us to ensure economic justice anchored on the basic rule of law principle," she added.

One of the systemic issues that! need to be addressed to make the metropolis more livable and attractive is the congestion in Metro Manila with the concentration of inbound and outbound cargo.

"We are excited to partner with the DOJ as the country's competition authority and independent moderator for the seemingly divergent viewpoints to build a consensus for change for the port industry," General Manager Juan C. Sta. Ana of PPA said. "Let's see how we can optimize our capacity in the Subic and Batangas ports".

The mandate of the PPA is to establish, develop, regulate, manage and operate a rationalized national port system in support of trade and national development. The DOJ-OFC prioritized the port sector as  an area for cooperation in view of its contribution to national development and to promote competition for increased access to justice.

A copy of the program may be downloaded at http: //

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