29 May 2012

Foremost of my initial reaction to the verdict, to be honest, is one of cautious relief.

Relief because, finally, this trying and delicate matter has been settled in such a manner that reason, justice and, most of all, truth ultimately prevailed. Cautious because we now have the opportunity to rebuild the integrity and nobility of several important government institutions that are vital to the promotion and preservation of our democracy under the Rule of Law, namely, the Supreme Court and, of course, the office of the Chief Justice itself, and we in the Administration are well aware of our respective obligations in ensuring that such opportunity is not wasted.

I also salute all the Senators, whichever way they ultimately voted, because I can only imagine the pressure they have all been under. Yet, each of them pronounced their verdict with conviction, without a single one abstaining. It is never easy to stand and judge a colleague, especially one who holds a position that is as lofty as that of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic. of the Philippines.

More than anything, however, I am hopeful and optimistic that the fight that was fought these last several months will be remembered and seen for what it is: not politics, not family feuds, not power struggles, not personal vendettas; but the fight to uphold and put into practice the solemn and vital principle that public service is a public trust .

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