Regional Cybercrime - Cybersecurity Assessment Conference


The “Regional Cybercrime-Cybersecurity Assessment” Conference, organized by the Philippine Department of Justice – Office of Cybercrime (DOJ-OOC), in cooperation with the Council of Europe (COE), intends to lessen the regional divide and enhance connectivity, as well as promote the development of a flexible regional framework on cybercrimes and cybersecurity.

More specifically, the objectives of the conference are as follows:
1. To assess the existing framework of the region in addressing cybercrimes; and
2. To review the emerging threats in cybersecurity and how the region is dealing with such concerns.

Delegates from the Department/Ministry of Justice, Law enforcement/police or prosecution, and Department of ICT, of the Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, will come together to discuss the following main areas of cooperation vis-a-vis the current strategies in addressing cybercrimes and cybersecurity threats in the region: (1) information exchange, (2) harmonization of policies and legislations, (3) law enforcement capacities, (4) training and capacity building, and (5) extra-regional cooperation.

Experts from GLACY partner countries, international organizations, and the private sector will take part to contribute their experience.

The Conference will take place at the New World Manila Bay Hotel, Pedro Gil, Manila on 11-12 November 2015.

Live streaming of the conference will be available both at the DOJ and DOST-ICTO websites at and, respectively.


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