01 December 2011

The Justice Sector Coordinating Council (JSCC) composed of the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice and the Department of Interior and Local Government as lead convenors will organize the 1st National Criminal Justice Summit on December 5 & 6, 2011 in Manila.

The JSCC is an inter-agency body formed in 2010 with the mandate to spearhead coordination efforts between the agencies for the efficient and effective administration of justice in the country. One of the key issues identified is the antiquated provisions of the general and special penal laws which are no longer responsive to the changing times.

Secretary of Justice Leila M. De Lima and Secretary Jesse M. Robredo will jointly welcome the delegates. Chief Justice Renato C. Corona and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile are expected to give their vision for the justice system.

Justice officials, law enforcers, prosecutors, public defenders, judges, correction officials and jail administrators as well as legislators, academicians, business and civil society groups are among the stakeholders attending. Development partners and foreign missions have signified their participation to the summit.

The Summit will be a historic gathering to take stock of present institutional challenges and to forge a way forward to achieve a just and peaceful society.

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