Statement of Justice Secretary Menardo I. Guevarra on his first week as Justice Secretary

18 April 2018

Just like anybody who is new to the job, I want to know as much as I can about the Department of Justice. It is only when we fully know that we can truly act and effectively address the various concerns of each office in the department.

Our first week at the DOJ was characterized by an almost endless series of meet and greet with the DOJ officials and personnel coupled with their presentations. Apparently, each agency or office has its own set of challenges and concerns which need to be addressed.

Our week was capped off by our ocular inspection and tour of the DOJ Compound in Padre Faura. The “tour” afforded me the chance to meet more DOJ employees and to renew ties with others who I got to know in my years of private practice.

However, I wish to reassure our countrymen that while I may still be learning on the job, there will be no let up in your DOJ’s efforts to give no quarters to criminals, particularly, drug pushers and terrorists. We will fully pursue President Duterte’s mandate to us the day I was sworn into office.

I look forward to meeting more of the members of the so-called DOJ family, this time the attached agencies, their respective heads and the heads of our field offices in the National Prosecution Service.

The knowledge which we will gain from these meetings will surely empower us to address the concerns raised in a manner that will benefit our DOJ the most.

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