Press Statement of Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II on the allegations of Charlie “Atong” Ang against him

28 April 2017

Totally, completely and absolutely UNTRUE!

All lies and fabrications!

                                                 - Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II


I categorically deny all the allegations of Atong Ang for being complete fabrications. I am not involved in illegal gambling. I am not a protector of illegal gambling. The same is true of his unfounded allegation against my brother who is never involved in illegal gambling.

I am ready to face any kind of investigation that might be conducted, be it legislative, criminal or administrative. I am not afraid, I have nothing to hide. The truth is on my side. My conscience is clear.

What is the reason for the allegations for Mr. Atong Ang against me? It is simple,  I believe that his accusation is his way of getting back at me after I ordered the raid of Fontana Leisure Park that busted the Billion-peso online illegal gambling operation that was being conducted thereat by his business partner and best friend Jack Lam. The records of PAGCOR will show that he is the attorney-in-fact of Jack Lam in the latter's effort to settle his liabilities to the Philippine  government due to illegal gambling operations amounting to more than P13 billion so that he could again do business in the country.

If there is anybody who could be accused of being engaged or being a protector of gambling, it is Atong Ang himself who everybody knows is the owner and the controlling interest of Meridien Vista Gaming Corporation, a company that is conducting gambling operations without paying the proper taxes due to the Philippine Government.

Before the reorganization of PCSO, I, as a member of the ad hoc committee formed to streamline and improve PCSO operations, have identified Meridien as engaged in illegal gambling. As a matter of fact, it was not given a franchise to operate as Small Town Lottery unit by PCSO and is  a target for closure by the latter.

Atong Ang should present evidence of his accusation and file the appropriate charges against me in court or any proper office. I know he cannot because there is absolutely no truth to his accusation.

I likewise categorically deny that I have ordered that Mr. Atong Ang be killed by the NBI or by any group for that matter.  Mr. Ang is imagining things.

This is clearly a demolition job against me, in conspiracy with the destabilizers of the Duterte administration.

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