DOJ conducts Corruption Risk Assessment Workshop

25 May 2015

In line with the DOJ’s Integrity Management Program (IMP), a priority program of the Aquino Administration towards good governance through integrity, transparency and accountability, the Department conducted a 2-day Corruption Risk Assessment Workshop on 21-22 May 2015 at the Manila Pavilion Hotel, Manila.

The two-day workshop, a follow through to the Integrity Assessment Workshop held on February 2015, discussed Integrity Management Program Logic, Indicators, Means of Verification, Assumptions/Risks, among others.

“As an agency promoting and administering the criminal justice system, integrity should begin with us, the duty-bearers, by setting an example for others to follow” Justice Secretary Leila De Lima said.

“We expect a full implementation of activities and projects under the IMP to promote integrity and address the long-term problem of corruption within this institution,” the Secretary underscored.

In pursuit of its good governance initiative, and in a bid to be among the top government agencies to showcase outstanding integrity by example, the DOJ has developed several measures such as the adoption of a Department Integrity Management Policy, institution of an Integrity Management Committee chaired by the Secretary and establishment an Internal Audit Service (IAS) to ensure that internal controls in systems, processes and procedures in the Department are in place.

Earlier, the DOJ identified and rated the corruption prone areas in the Department which affect the institution’s performance by assessing Critical Systems and Processes and creating a Corruption Risk Register and Assessment Report.

The workshop in partnership with the Office of the President-Office of the Deputy Executive Secretary for Legal Affairs (OP-ODESLA) and the Office of the Ombudsman (OMB) was attended and actively participated in by representatives from the various Services/Offices of the Department including the National Prosecution Service (NPS).

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