BUCOR intensifies efforts vs. contrabands and drug-related activities within the New Bilibid Prison (NBP)

01 December 2014

Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Director FRANKLIN JESUS B. BUCAYU reported to Justice Secretary LEILA M. DE LIMA over  the weekend the results of the search and seizure operations,  particularly of communication gadgets, conducted by the NBP Security patrol and response units afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 29,

Communication gadgets were found and confiscated, as follows:

  • 11 signal boosters
  • 4 booster charges
  • 46 aluminum outdoor antennas
  • 14 plastic outdoor antennas
  • 4 WiFi “My Bro”
  • 4 WiFi antennas
  • 9 repeaters
  • 7 units power supply
  • 5 rolls of electric wires
  • 1 splitter
  • 1 distributor

As ordered by Director Bucayu, verification and identification of the areas leading to the inmates' cells where the gadgets are connected are being conducted to determine its owners.

Saturday morning, Nov. 29, NBP personnel searched and discovered from an LBC  parcel 5 packs of marijuana leaves secretly hidden in wrappers. A probe is underway to find out who the intended recipient is of such contraband.

Director Bucayu has cleared with Secretary De Lima a major reshuffling of custodial personnel in all the NBP camps (Minimum, Medium and Maximum camps), as well as the drug testing of all the guards assigned at NBP. The same will be done in all other prison and penal farms administered by BuCor.

"I continue to closely monitor the actions being undertaken by the BuCor leadership to address the proliferation of prison-based illegal activities, especially drug-related activities within NBP and possibly other prison facilities. More operations shall be undertaken successively in the coming days and weeks. We are now adopting a policy of ZERO tolerance vis-a-vis such nefarious activities. BuCor officials and personnel found to be aiding or abetting  such activities shall be severely dealt with," Secretary De Lima said.

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