DOJ partners with National University on Digital Forensics degree program

02 October 2014

The Department of Justice today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the DOJ Office of Cybercrime (OOC) and the National University (NU) for a Digital Forensics degree program to build a corps of anti-cybercrime professionals.

The NU is the first educational institution approved by the Commission on Higher Education to offer a four year bachelor degree program in digital forensics.

"This is an institutional way in ramping up the capacity for our cybercrime fighting initiatives. It will also allow internships and on the job training for students," said Secretary of Justice Leila M. de Lima.

The MOA provides for an exchange of expertise and sharing of resources. For example, the DOJ shall nominate lecturers and resource speakers on the cybercrime law and cyber-related laws and jurisprudence.

"Such public-private partnerships are crucial to increase cybercrime awareness and to open a new field in education and work-based research," said Assistant Secretary Geronimo L. Sy, head of the OOC.

The NU also grants a tuition discount for qualified personnel who will take up the degree.

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