DOJ-CCC conducts Presentation Forum on the draft New Criminal Code

29 September 2014

The Department of Justice Criminal Code Committee will conduct a Presentation Forum on the draft New Criminal Code on Wednesday, 1 October 2014, in Metro Manila.

The Forum will serve as the venue for the presentation of a simple, modern, and organic Criminal Code to stakeholders as part of the justice reform agenda. It will also give the participants the opportunity to give their inputs and suggestions on revisions needed in the draft Code.

The public and all stakeholders in the criminal justice system are invited to attend and participate in this event, including different agencies in the Executive Department, as well as in the Legislature and Judiciary. Civil society organizations, academe, business, legal, religious, women and children and other sectors are also invited to participate.

Due to the limited slots for participants, kindly send via e-mail the name, designation, office and contact details to [email protected] or [email protected] to receive a confirmation.

Copy of the draft New Criminal Code is available and can be downloaded at

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