DOJ completes New Criminal Code

19 August 2014

The Department of Justice announced today that the Criminal Code Committee (CCC) has completed Book 2 of the new Criminal Code on Crimes and Penalties after three years of drafting work.

 On 20 April 2011, the Code Committee was established to study, assess and consolidate a simple, updated and modern criminal law to provide clarity in law enforcement and to improve the administration of justice. This will lead to increased access to justice especially for the marginalized sectors.

"We responded to the call of the President to undertake a codification project and for the first time in our history, we have a draft criminal code developed by justice stakeholders that is reflective of our societal norms. We shall now endorse the final product to both houses of Congress for their consideration to realize its passage as the new Criminal Code of the Philippines on or before 2016," said Secretary of Justice Leila M. De Lima.

The key feature   of Book 2 includes: (1) structured based on central themes with common features; (2) rationalized penal provisions by categorizing into three major titles, namely, Crimes against Persons, Crimes against Property and Crimes against the State; (3) modernized archaic provisions by integrating and consolidating several penal laws which refers to the same criminal act; (4) delisted some outdated penal provisions; (5) inclusion of trans-border crimes; and (6) penal provisions are generally conduct-based.

"We thank the Secretary for her support and to all the member agencies and offices of the Committee that contributed and participated in this body of collaborative work," said Assistant Secretary Geronimo L. Sy, head of the Criminal Code Committee.

The complete draft of Book 1 and Book 2 can be viewed and downloaded at

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