NBI Completes Rationalization Plan

11 July 2013
The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the premiere law enforcement agency of the country, announced today the official approval of its long overdue Rationalization Plan. Designed and conceived way back in 2005 as a government-wide effort to streamline  offices and establish more integrated functions, it was only under the stewardship of Justice Secretary Leila M. De Lima and NBI Director Nonnatus Caesar R. Rojas that serious efforts were made to push for the  plan's completion.
"The DOJ is done with its major rationalization plans. We continue  to fine-tune the implementation and request for new or revised positions to meet the changing demands of justice work," said  Secretary De Lima. "Human resources is the key to any high performance organization," she added.  
The NBI hired a total of almost 70 new agents and investigators since 2011 and is opening a last batch for recruits for 2013. Among the positions that require specialized skills are those in the newly formed Forensic Science Division.
Director Rojas welcomed the development and said that "Overall, we like and support the dynamic and flexible structure that will allow us to respond better to increasing forms of  organized crime." "The exit from the freeze on hiring will motivate us to rethink our policies and assign our best people to the most critical tasks," he said. The NBI expects to submit its request for additional manpower in the coming weeks in tandem with the implementation of the plan.
Among the highlights of the Rationalization Plan is the strengthening of the Investigation Service, the clustered approach to using science and technology in crime fighting, the ramped up ICT division and the deployment of personnel to where the need is greatest. 

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