DOJ's Response to Mancao's Accusations

06 May 2013

We are saddened by Mr. Cezar Mancao's statement in the media about alleged corruption in the WPP. While then under the WPP, Mr. Mancao has a direct line to the WPP's Program Director and the Chief Implementor. He could have easily reported the alleged corruption and we would have taken immediate action.

We do not tolerate corruption in the WPP. We appeal to Mr. Mancao to provide us with the specifics and indications of corruption so that the appropriate investigation can be conducted. We welcome any investigation on corruption. But going out via media with these general, sweeping accusations will not help any.

The WPP understands the frustrations of Mr. Mancao. Such frustration arises from the fact that up to this time, Mancao fails to realize that he is not just a witness, but is also, and still remain as, an accused. This, he cannot simply accept.

The WPP also understands Mancao's bitterness towards the WPP. On January 25, 2012, the WPP turned over Mancao to the NBI, for detention. As stated, Mancao remains to be an accused and has to be detained. His detention was pursuant to a court order which the WPP was merely obeying.

Mancao's frustration and bitterness should not give him license to undermine the integrity of the WPP or pervert the truth.

There is no truth to his claim that "the places where witnesses are held are unbearable" and that he "wanted to be placed at the NBI detention cell". The truth of the matter is that prior to his turn-over to the NBI, Mancao pleaded to the Program Director that he be allowed to be under the protective custody of the WPP. But Mancao is an accused and has to be under detention. Hence, his physical turn-over to the NBI.

There is also no truth that Mr. Mancao was not allowed to speak during the confirmation hearing on the appointment of Secretary Leila M. De Lima. No such confirmation hearing has yet been held. The WPP also categorically denies that Mr. Mancao was not allowed to speak during the budget hearings of the DOJ. In any case, Mancao again forgot that detention prisoners do not, have unbridled access to the public.

As regards Mr. Mancao's request to see his doctor, suffice it so say that in a letter of 9 February 2012, the WPP informed him that "[T]o address your medical concerns, we will request the NBI physician to conduct a medical check-up on you. If necessary, we can coordinate with your doctor to pay you a visit at the NBI". This was reiterated in a letter of 24 February 2012 where the WPP informed Mancao that  "[I]f necessary, we will fetch your doctor and bring hint to the NBI If you insist on going to the clinic, we will advise you to file the appropriate motion in court".              

Despite all of Mancao's unfounded and unfair statements against the WPP, we still wish for his safety and urge him to return to the fold of the law.

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