Invitation to Participate in the Preparation and Submission of its Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016

Posted: 01 April 2015





The Department of Justice (DOJ) invites citizen groups to participate in the preparation and submission of its budget proposal for fiscal year (FY) 2016.



Philippine-registered civil society organizations (CSOs) – non-government organizations, people’s organizations, cooperatives, trade unions, professional associations, faith-based organizations, media groups, indigenous peoples movements, foundations, and other citizen groups:

  1. Formed primarily for social and economic development, to monitor government programs and projects, engage in policy discussions, and actively participate in collaborative activities within the government; and
  2. Must have monitored, assessed and evaluated particular ongoing programs/activities/projects (P/A/Ps) of the DOJ including its constituent and attached agencies.



Interested CSOs are required to submit the following documents to be able to enter into a Budget Partnership Agreement (BPA) with the DOJ for purposes of FY 2016 budget preparation:

  1. Board Resolution adopting and officially submitting to the DOJ the following original or duly certified true copies of the following:
    1. Letter of Intent for the partnership with extent of participation desired (i.e. specific activity to be undertaken, agency, P/A/P, geographical location)
    2. Designation of the CSO signatory to the BPA; and
    3. A statement of no conflict of interest, indicating that the CSO and the DOJ are not related by business or contractual relations, that the CSO’s officers are not related to the DOJ by consanguinity or affinity (up to the third degree) or by business or contractual relations, and that the CSO and/or any of its officers are not a party in any complaint/case/procedure currently handled by the DOJ and its constituent/attached agencies; and a declaration of no potential conflict of interest.
  2. Proofs of existence:
    1. Copy of Articles of Incorporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or other similar documents registered with the Cooperative Development Authority, Department of Labor and Employment or Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board; and
    2. Copy of duly executed Affiliation Agreement between the CSO and affiliate CSOs, and copies of the covering Board Resolutions from both the CSO and its affiliate CSOs.
  3. Copy of studies, publications and/or other documents of the CSO with the findings, assessment/evaluation and recommendations on particular P/A/Ps of the DOJ and/or its constituent agencies.


The requirements must be transmitted formally in hard copy as well as electronic copy to Director Ma. Monica P. Pagunsan of the DOJ Planning and Management Service (email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]).


For initial reference on the existing agency P/A/Ps and budgets, interested CSOs may visit the websites of the DOJ and its agencies (including the respective Transparency Seal web pages), as well as the annual General Appropriations Act posted in the Department of Budget and Management website.



The said requirements must be received by the DOJ not later than April 15, 2015.  Consultation period will be the month of April 2015. Interested groups will be informed of the date and venue of the budget consultation forum with CSOs.


Thank you.

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