Posted: 27 February 2015

The Department of Justice (DOJ) invites interested parties to submit applications to pre-qualify and bid for the design, financing, construction, and maintenance of a modern prison facility in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija. The Project may include a number of supporting accommodation and build-related services, such as waste treatment and disposal, sewage water treatment, and power generation.
Through the Project, a suitable prison facility will be created to provide adequate living spaces, facilities, and address the basic needs of inmates incarcerated in existing penal facilities (including the New Bilibid Prison [NBP] and the Correctional Institution for Women [CIW]). The proposed facility can accommodate 26,880 inmates and staff, housing and administrative buildings, areas for rehabilitation (sports, work and religious activity).
The Project will be awarded through competitive public bidding, as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project, in accordance with applicable laws, including Republic Act No. 6957, as amended by.Republic Act No. 7718, otherwise known as the Build-Operate-and Transfer Law (BOT) Law, and its 2012 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations. The Project will be implemented using a Build- Transfer-Maintain (BTM) contractual arrangement, whereby a private entity undertakes the financing and construction of the infrastructure facility and after its completion turns it over to the implementing agency (DOJ), which shall pay the private entity on an agreed schedule the total investment expended on the Project, plus a reasonable rate of return. The private entity then maintains the facility on behalf of the implementing agency in accordance with the standards and specifications set out in the Build-Transfer-Maintain Agreement.
The Invitation Documents consisting of (i) this Invitation to Pre-Qualify and Bid, (ii) the Project Information Memorandum, and (iii) the Instructions to Prospective Bidders, including the required Qualification Documents, will be available from the DOJ-PBAC Secretariat at Room 305, 3rd Floor,  De Las Alas Hall, Department of Justice Compound, P. Faura, Ermita, Manila beginning on 06 March 2015, upon payment of non-refundable Participation Fee of One Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 1,500,000.00). The Participation Fee may be paid in cash or manager's check issued by any bank in the Philippines payable to the DOJ. Only persons or firms who have purchased the Invitation Documents shall be allowed to participate in the pre-qualification process. The DOJ may release updates, clarifications, amendments, or additions to any or all
of the Bidding Documents at any time.
Bidding is open to all interested parties, whether local or foreign, subject to conditions for eligibility under the BOT Law, other relevant laws, and the Invitation Documents.
The bidding will follow the Two-Stage/Two Envelope System for soliciting bids under the BOT Law: (a) Prospective Bidders shall first be pre-qualified by the DOJ based on legal, technical, and financial capability requirements; and (b) the Prospective Bidders which have pre-qualified shall be invited to submit their Technical and Financial Proposals to the PBAC for evaluation. Prospective Bidders must submit their applications for pre-qualification, together with duly accomplished Qualification Documents, in the required format and specification, to the DOJ-PBAC Secretariat not later than 2:00 p.m. on 06 May 2015, at Room 305, 3rd Floor, De Las Alas Hall, Department of Justice Compound, P. Faura, Ermita, Manila.
The DOJ reserves the right to reject any and all bids, and declare failure of bidding, not award the contract, or annul the bidding process without incurring any liability to the affected parties.
                                                                                                                                                   JOSE VICENTE B.SALAZAR
                                                                                                                                                       Chairman, PBAC
For further information, please refer to:
DOJ PBAC Secretariat
Room 305, 3rd
Floor De Las Alas Hall
Department of Justice Compound
P. Faura, Ermita, Manila 1000
Tel.lFax No. (02) 523-0253 / (02) 523-8481 local 364
Email Add.:[email protected]


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