2 Question of paternity of Mary Grace F. Cruz @ Mary Grace S. Francisco 05 Jan 1993
1 Constitutional feasibility of holding in the Philippines a joint military exercise between the AFP and Singapore. 07 Jan 1993
3 Whether there is conflict between the appointment as Chairman of the BCDA and Chief Executive of Urban Bank 12 Jan 1993
4 Whether DAR is bound by the Sangguniang Bayan Res. No. 29-92 of Masinloc, Zambales, to remit its 40% share of the gross collection deceived from royalties, forestry and fishery charges and such other charges pursuant to RA 7160 15 Jan 1993
5 Implementation of RA No. 6406, entitled "An act dividing the Province of Lanao del Sur into the Provinces of Maranaw and Lanao del Sur". Feasibility of the implementation of RA No. 6406 15 Jan 1993
6 Devolution of the administrative and development of the Pinaglabanan Memorial shrine from the National Historical Institute to the Municipality of San Juan, Metro Manila 18 Jan 1993
8 Opinion to determine the outstanding balances of foreign borrowings contracted, and guarantees extended by the government pursuant to RA No. 4860 in relation to the loans and guarantee ceilings 21 Jan 1993
11 True status of OWWA and the nature of OWWA's funds 21 Jan 1993
7 Comments/recommendations on the desirability of forging a convention or any other instrument on internation cooperation in crime prevention and criminal justice 22 Jan 1993
9 Validity and propriety of the registration fees assessed by Negros Oriental Register of Deeds against APT on the registration of the Assets of TSMCI 22 Jan 1993
10 Extent of liabilities of the Pre-Bidding and Awards Committee Members in the event of disallowance made by the auditor for a particular transaction 22 Jan 1993
12 Regarding the pilot agro-tourism development plan for Samal Island as proposed by the Dept. of Tourism 22 Jan 1993
13 Issues raised regarding the provisions of RA No. 6975 and RA No. 6759 on the military and police personnel 26 Jan 1993
17 Issuance of an Executive Order to implement Phil. Commitments under the ASEAN Common Effective Preferential Tariff Scheme 27 Jan 1993
14 Implementation of certain provisions of the "Urban Development and Housing Act", specifically by MIAA on the squatters occupying their territory 28 Jan 1993
15 Concerning the results of the public bidding conducted by DOH with Zuellig Pharma as the lowest bidder 28 Jan 1993
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16 Constitutionality and abrogation of the provisions of Sec. 21, subsection 1(2) A of NIRC which limits additional exemption of P5,000 for each dependent child, up to 4 dependents only 29 Jan 1993
18 Whether or not an educational institution can be incorporated as a "stock corporation" 04 Feb 1993
19 Whether the local Board of Assessment Appeals in the municipalities within Metro Manila could be validity organized in the light of RA 7160, which does not provide for organization in the municipal level 11 Feb 1993
20 Whether Congressmen and Senators are qualified to be appointed as Chairman of the Reg'l Development Council as provided under EO No. 505 dated Feb. 12, 1992 11 Feb 1993
24 Whether Mindanao State University in Marawi is exempt from election ban in view of DECS and DILG pronouncement that "MSU, being a national or state university, is not within the purview of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao." 11 Feb 1993
21 Review of two drafts of legislative measures namely: 1. "An act providing the structure and functions for the organization for national security", and 2. "An act creating and establishing the organization for business and international studies of the Phils." 12 Feb 1993
22 Relative to the function of ERB and DOE as prescribed by RA No. 7638 12 Feb 1993
27 Validity of special non-immigrant Act, as amended, issued for an indefinite period 12 Feb 1993
23 Regarding the effect of the unification of the Two Germanies upon the international treaties and agreements concluded by the former German Democratice Republic with the Phils. 15 Feb 1993
28 Clarification in the matter of repatriation of Filipino women who had lost their Phil. Citizenship by marriage to aliens 16 Feb 1993
25 Whether ERB may be continue to discharge non-price regulatory functions 17 Feb 1993
26 Whether or not there is a need of an issuance of a new legislation to left the import restruction on corn particularly in view of RA No. 7607 19 Feb 1993
29 Whether or not Deputy Director Mariano M. Mison should be considered to have reach the compulsory retirement age of 65 years on Feb. 3, 1993 01 Mar 1993
31 Whether or not Presidential Decree No. 633 maybe amended through an executive issuance 04 Mar 1993
30 Whether or not Deputy Director Pedrosa is qualified for the appointment as Phil. Ambassador to Belgium and the Eastern European Communities in view of the qualification requirement provided under Sec. 21 of RA No. 7157 05 Mar 1993
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32 Relative to the proposed reorganization of the Foreign Service Institute 10 Mar 1993
38 Regarding the proper agency authorized to issue indorsement prior to the acceptance by the LTFRB of applications for franchise to operate public utility vehicle services in the light of the provisions of Sec. 98(2) of RA No. 6938 10 Mar 1993
47 Authority of a barangay council to appropriate allowances for barangay officials apart from their monthly honoraria 10 Mar 1993
36 Regarding the implementation of the decision dated Jan. 9, 1992 of Administrator Demetrio Demetria in Adm. Case No. P-023 entitled " Zenaida C. Manio vs. Cecilio D. Obispo". 16 Mar 1993
33 Request for comments and suggestions on the donation being contempted by the gov't of the United Arab Emirates 17 Mar 1993
34 Whether the tax-free benefits of the Home Insurance and Guarantee over its receivables is extendable to investors in its receivables is extendible to investors in its proposed asset-backed securities 17 Mar 1993
42 Regarding the displaced persons from Vietnam application for permanent residency in the Phils 17 Mar 1993
35 Whether or not Memo Order No. 45 s, 1986 is constitutional, legal and valid and has the force and effect of law 19 Mar 1993
37 Legality of Gen. Santos City Sangguniang Panlungsod Res. No 59 by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 2029 as amended 19 Mar 1993
39 Whether three months and fifteen days service rendered by government employee be considered as four months in the computation of the service requirement on money claims like the Christmas bonus 19 Mar 1993
40 Regarding the Supreme Court decision in GR No. 95022 "Commissioner of Internal Revenue vs. Court of Appeals" dated March 23, 1992 holding that employees trust are exempt from the final withholding tax on interest income from money placement and purchase of treasury bills 19 Mar 1993
43 Which entity has jurisdiction and supervision over the Phil. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 19 Mar 1993
45 Legal status of Letter of Instructions No. 1086 19 Mar 1993
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41 Whether the construction of locally funded infrastructures (like a pedestrian overpass) on a national road can be prior coordination and clearance from the Dept. of Public Works and Highways 23 Mar 1993
44 Comment on the draft report of an exploratory workshop hosted by AUSPECC in Canberra last Nov. 5, 1992 24 Mar 1993
46 Legality of a requisite for the approval of the compensation package for the academic staff of state universities and colleges 26 Mar 1993
48 Request for text of laws or regulations enacted in 1992 relating to legal status, or privileges and immunicities of the UN specialized agencies on Internal Atomic Energy Agency 29 Mar 1993
49 Whether or not the declaration/entry fees and the regular prizes of the day for houses during the gov't-sponsored races are public funds, subject to COA Audit 29 Mar 1993
50 Legality and constitutionality of the Family Planning program 01 Apr 1993
52 Validity of the claim of Dr. Rufino O. Eslao for renumeration based on his appointment as Prof. 6 of the Pangasinan State University 19 Apr 1993
53 Comment and recommendation on the proposed law entitled 'An act granting permanent resident status and other privileges to Filipino veterans of World War II who avail of America citizenship under the US Immigration Act of 1990, and for other purposes 19 Apr 1993
57 Whether or not the licensing and regulatory powers of the NFA under PD No. 4, as amended, still subsist in the light of EO No. 1028, dated May 31, 1985 and the present policies on deregulation and import liberalization 19 Apr 1993
51 Relative to the proposed agri-tourism development plan of the Dept. of Tourism for Samal Island 20 Apr 1993
54 Relative to the employment status of Mr. Reginald Velasco, a foreign service officer 27 Apr 1993
55 Tax exemption of production machineries and equipment used in the operations of zone enterprises registered with EPZA 27 Apr 1993
56 Regarding the appropriate rank of PMS head, and whether PMS head be legally appointed to a Board seat of gov't agency or corporation 27 Apr 1993
58 Relative to the implementation of Res. No. 14 of the Mt. Pinatubo assistance Resettlement and Development Commission 30 Apr 1993
62 Whether a private lawyer appointed as City Administrator can continue appearing in court as defense counsel or otherwise practice his profession 04 May 1993
59 Request for clarificatory ruling on opinion on the particular application to CCP of the Local Gov't. Code and to make representation with Congress to introduce provisions that will prevent counter-productive interpretations by overzealous local gov't units 05 May 1993
61 Relative to the Chairmanship of Mayor Richard Gordon of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority 07 May 1993
60 Whether or not criminal liability for premature land use conversion of agricultural property remains despite the subsequent approval of such conversion of agricultural property remains despite the subsequent approval of such conversion by DAR 11 May 1993
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64 Continuance of the inter-country adoption program even after the effectivity of the Family Code 12 May 1993
63 Whether or not the business operations of Duty Free Philippines is subject to any tax, fees or charges of any kind or nature which gov't may impose 13 May 1993
65 Delegation of powers by the NFA Council to the NFA Administration 19 May 1993
66 Tax exemption privileges and incentives being enjoyed by the export processing zone 26 May 1993
67 Practice of civil engineering by corporation as provided in NEDA Board-approved Guidelines on the Procurement of Consulting Services for Gov't Projects 26 May 1993
73 Regarding the scope of responsibilities, accountabilities and authority which maybe exercised by the Head of the Presidential Mgt. Staff over its attached agencies 27 May 1993
71 Whether or not NEDA Res. No. 6 s. of 1974 has been amended by EO No. 93 28 May 1993
68 Views/Comments/recommendations on the Russian Gov'ts. Desire to become a full member of GATT 01 Jun 1993
69 Regarding certain issues affecting consumer credit transactions 03 Jun 1993
70 Whether or not RA No. 7202, the Sugar Restitution Law has amended or modified Section 63 (B) of RA No. 6657 or the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law 07 Jun 1993
72 Whether Parole and Probation Administration shall pay back salaries ands other emoluments to James C. Salas during the dependency of the decision of the Supreme Court entitled "Dept. of Justice vs. Civil Service Commission and James Salas" for certiorari and injunction 07 Jun 1993
78 Whether or not TRB could still promulgate its own rules and regulations governing the procedures for the grant of Toll Operation Certificate to private section investors 10 Jun 1993
79 Request for a "clear policy" on the release of national prisoners who have fully served their prison sentence 14 Jun 1993
75 15 Jun 1993
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74 Interpretation of the provisions of RA No. 7586, or the NIPAS Act of 1992, and RA No. 7227, otherwise known as the "Bases Conversion Act of 1992" 16 Jun 1993
76 Whether or not on the basis of PD No. 633, the Board of Commissioners of the NCRFW may create a Council of Consultants, which will be composed of executive legislative and judicial officials 21 Jun 1993
80 Whether a cabinet member and similarly situated officials of the Executive Dept. are entitled to reimbursement of expenditures in the execution of additional duties and functions 21 Jun 1993
77 23 Jun 1993
83 Whether the creation of Special Investigator positions at the National Bureau of Investigation as authorized in the General Appreciations Act has "amended" RA No. 157, as amended 25 Jun 1993
81 Regarding the existing policy to disapprove sales promotion schemes which closely resemble gambling games 01 Jul 1993
84 Clarification regarding the impact of the Local Gov't Code in the exemption from real property taxes on the machinery and equipment used in the production of enterprises located in export processing zones 01 Jul 1993
82 Re: Reorganization of the Bureau of Internal Revenue 05 Jul 1993
86 Interpretation of the provision of Act 28 of the Cooperative Code of the Phils. 06 Jul 1993
85 Regarding the current practice in the implementation of the RP-Japan Increased Food Production Program, otherwise known as the 2nd Kennedy Round 13 Jul 1993
92 Regarding PHILRACOM view that declaration fees corresponding to sponsored races are private funds 14 Jul 1993
87 Whether or not a replacement for a retiring official be appointed pending the issuance of a clearance by the Office of the Ombudsman 16 Jul 1993
88 Whether or not imported thoroughbreds can legally run in Phil. Racetracks 21 Jul 1993
101 Regarding the proposal to put a ceiling on registration fees imposed by local gov't units 21 Jul 1993
89 Clearance to construct livelihood stalls along the road right of way of Ninoy Aquino Avenue, Paranaque 22 Jul 1993
90 Whether state college may grant overtime compensation to the security guards who were required to render services beyond their regular hours 23 Jul 1993
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91 Whether the Chairman and members of the Board of Trustees of the Phil. Retirement Authority are entitled to receive P2,000.00 each per meeting in the form of per diem or a maximum of only P500.00 per meeting as alleged by the President Auditor of PRA 23 Jul 1993
93 The extent of the power or authority of the local gov't unit to undertake reclamation projects 26 Jul 1993
94 Re: Tulong sa Bayan Bonds 26 Jul 1993
98 Clarification on certain points of Opinion No. 22 s. 1993 26 Jul 1993
95 Proposal for the AFP to host a Regional Defense Resources Management Course to be conducted by a mobile education team composed of US military personnel 28 Jul 1993
96 Permission of couple Mrs. Helma Ver Tuason and her husband, Reynaldo Tuason to return to the Phils. 02 Aug 1993
97 Whether a member of the Monetary Board of the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, can keep his investments in the Phil. Exhibitions and Themeparks Corp., and retain his position as Director and Chairman of its Board of Directors 03 Aug 1993
99 Whether or not the National Gov't can provide a performance guarantee for a certain financial obligations contracted by NPC in connection with the Bataan Combined Cycle Power Project. 03 Aug 1993
100 Whether or not the oilfield of Alcoen (Production) Philippines at West Linapacan lies within the territorial jurisdiction of Palawan province under the provisions of the Local Gov't Code 04 Aug 1993
102 Operationalization of the funding provision of RA No. 7279 06 Aug 1993
105 Clarification as to the exact meaning of the phrase "only if approved by Congress", in Opinion No. 15, s. 1991" regarding the compromise offer of the Rajah Tours Phils., Inc. for the settlement of its account with the government 06 Aug 1993
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106 Regarding the exhibition of video films and videogame aboard domestic vessels which is being opposed by the affected group in the maritime sector 08 Aug 1993
103 Proper interpretation of the provisions of EO No. 46 s. 1986 09 Aug 1993
104 Reconsideration of opinion No. 80, s. 1993- Re: reimbursement of expenses advanced out of personal funds 09 Aug 1993
111 Relative to the claim of Mrs. Florentina Lozano for the payment of her salary 10 Aug 1993
108 Disposition of Camp Bago Bantay in the light of Section 8 of RA No. 7227 11 Aug 1993
107 Whether or not the Phil. Institute for Development Studies is a government department, bureau, office or agency that can draw funds from the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund under RA No. 7845 12 Aug 1993
109 Interpretation of Section 19 of RA No. 7371 - An act converting the Aklan Agricultural College in the Municipality of Banga, Province of Aklan, into a State College to be known as the Aklan State College of Agriculture, and appropriating funds therefore 16 Aug 1993
110 Interpretation of Customs Adm. Order No. 9-92 dated Sept. 21, 1992 imposing new rates of customs fees and charges for particular services rendered and documents issued by the Bureau of Customs 16 Aug 1993
112 Whether or not "historic sites" are covered by the provisions of RA No. 7279 16 Aug 1993
113 Regarding Hospital Order No. 6-11, dated June 5, 1991 16 Aug 1993
120 Reconsideration of Opinion No. 11, series of 1993 regarding the corporate status of the Overseas Worker's Welfare Administration 17 Aug 1993
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117 Whether or not a presidential proclamation issued during the martial law years by Pres. Marcos has the force of a legal statue and therefore cannot be revoked, amended, modified or altered except by a legislative enactment by the Congress of the Philippines 18 Aug 1993
114 Whether the Commission on Human Rights should be considered a constitutional office, with all the powers and authority as vested upon it by the Constitution and the three (3) other Constitutional Commissions 19 Aug 1993
115 Concerning the proposed Reciprocity Agreement between the Commission on Dietetic Registration, credentialing agency for the American Dietetic Association, and the Phil. Professional Regulatory Commission, Board of Nutrition and Dietetics 20 Aug 1993
116 Whether or not PNP officers whose applications for retirement were accepted by the president may be allowed to received free retirement benefits under R.A. No. 6975 20 Aug 1993
118 Regarding the legal character of the National Social Project 24 Aug 1993
119 Regarding the Smokey Mountain Development and Reclamation Project 26 Aug 1993
121 Confirmation of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas General Counsel opinion that the proposed issuance of local private companies of US Dollar-denominated commercial papers to Philippine residents who have US dollar holdings in local foreign currency deposit units and/or foreign currency accounts abroad will violate the uniform Currency Act 30 Aug 1993
122 Comments on certain issues concerning the proposed bilateral trade agreement between the Governments of the Philippines and Peru 30 Aug 1993
123 Whether or not the probation in Section 7(b) (1) of R.A. No. 6713 is applicable to a former employee of the Maritime Industry Authority who "immediately upon his resignation therefrom, is sought to be employed by the Conference of Interisland Shipowners and Operators" 30 Aug 1993
124 Applicability of Section 14 of R.A. No. 7645 to the Central Bank of the Philippines 02 Sep 1993
125 Regarding the eligibility of Roberto Garcia to be appointed as Consul General New York, a greencard holder, and has never resided in the Philippines except for annual vacations 06 Sep 1993
126 Legal and practical viability of the proposed Executive Order, entitled "Authority to utilize AFP Reservists, ROTC Cadets, Barangay Tanods, Criminology and Other College Students and Concerned NGO Members in the Delivery of Basic Peace and Public Safety Services" 08 Sep 1993
127 Comments on the Initial Reports of the Expert Groups on Chemical Weapons Destruction Facilities and on Chemical Weapons Storage Facilities to be used in the future discussions of the Expert Groups/Working Groups of the Prepcom for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons 13 Sep 1993
129 Effects of RA No. 7160 on the authority of the Secretary of Agriculture to deputize Fish Wardens to enforce our fishery laws 13 Sep 1993
128 Whether an elected member of the House of Representative is duty bound to divest inherited shares in the Iligan Light and Power, Inc., which has a pending application for an extension of the term of its franchise 15 Sep 1993
130 Exemption of NAPOCOR from payment of the building permit fee in connection with the construction of the Bataan Combined Cycle Power Plant 16 Sep 1993
131 Relating to the proposed EO entitled "Transferring the Phil. Coast Guard from the Dept. of National Defense to the Office of the President and for other purposes" 22 Sep 1993
132 Whether or not lands owned and administered by EPZA for lease to foreign investors, which were acquired by EPZA either by appropriation, negotiated purchase or special grants, are considered "private lands", under RA No. 7652 22 Sep 1993
133 Legal efficacy of the change of name of a Filipino resident in Californai, USA pursuant to an order of a superior court of said state 22 Sep 1993
136 Review, revise or overturn of Opinion No. 44, series of 1990 regarding the conversion of agricultural lands in Cavite 22 Sep 1993
134 Whether a foreign divorce obtained by a alien spouse, who was a former Filipino citizen, will entitle his/her Filipino spouse to remarry 23 Sep 1993
135 Regarding all unclaimed and forfeited sweepstakes prizes in the Phil. Charity Sweepstakes Office 24 Sep 1993
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137 24 Sep 1993
138 Interpretation of the provisions of Article 8 of RA No. 7394 30 Sep 1993
139 Whether or not the President can legally increase, pursuant to RA No. 6758, the anniversary bonus of P1,800.00 which the SSS traditionally gives to its employees 01 Oct 1993
140 Reconsideration of Opinion No. 126, dated Sept. 8, 1993 regarding a proposed EO, entitled "Authority to utilize AFP Reservists, ROTC Cadets, Barangay Tanods , Criminology and other College Students and concerned NGO Members in the delivery of basic peace and order and public safety services." 07 Oct 1993
141 Request for the increase in the cost ceiling of infrastructure projects that may be approved by the DPWH for execution by administration from P1M. to P10M 07 Oct 1993
144 Whether or not Section 299 of RA No. 7160 has amended Section 5(a) (1) of Batas Pambansa Blg. 178 such that the issuance of bonds and other securities by provinces, cities and municipalities are no longer exempt from the registration requirements of SEC 11 Oct 1993
142 Clarification of Opinion No. 82, s. 1993 on the BIR proposed streamlining 18 Oct 1993
143 Regarding the proper authority to conduct biddings for local infrastructure project funded by the countrywide Development Fund 18 Oct 1993
145 Regarding the resolution of the Office of the President in OP Case No. 4772, on the operation of a drugstore 19 Oct 1993
147 Appointment of veterinarian officers in the provincial and city governments 19 Oct 1993
146 Application of Mr. Yeung Hip Sang for the conversion of his temporary visitor's visa into a special investor's resident visa 20 Oct 1993
148 Money claims of various contractors for the emergency works implemented in areas affected by the Mt. Pinatubo 21 Oct 1993
151 Whether or not non-stock gov't corporations may be required by the Bureau of Treasury to issue certificates of stocks to the National Government as evidence of the latter's equity contribution 26 Oct 1993
150 Relative to the interpretation of Section 34 of the Family Code of the Phil., with regards to aliens 28 Oct 1993
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149 Propriety of Board Resolution No. 155, s. 1993 which was approved by the Board of Directors of the Phil. Charity Sweepstakes last July 16, 1993 regarding the agent's commission 03 Nov 1993
153 Issues arising in relation to Section 10 of RA No. 7192, which provision requires all gov't departments, including its agencies and instruments, to submit a report to Congress on their compliance with the Act. 08 Nov 1993
154 Legality of the bus operation to Tomawis Super Transit which operates buses of the Metro Manila Transit Corporation in Mindanao 10 Nov 1993
152 Legal authority of the Secretary of Agriculture to transfer entire divisions/units of an agency to another agency which are under his control; and whether or not Section 48 of RA No. 7180 allows the abolition of an agency as a whole and its corresponding merger to another agency similarly abolished 11 Nov 1993
155 Wether a supplemental agreement would suffice to cover the changes in the work plan for the Smokey Mountain Development and Reclamation project in the light of DOJ Opinion No. 119, s. 1993 12 Nov 1993
156 Whether or not the price-rates for the sale of the Sugar Regulatory Administration property in Payatas, Quezon City approved under SRA Sugar Board Resolution No. 73-93 "are disadvantageous" to the government 16 Nov 1993
157 Whether or not Letter of Instructions No. 1086 has already been superseded by Executive Order No. 1073, and whether an Executive Order would be sufficient to amend the said LOI in the vent that the Cabinet decides to left the ban on the importation of used tires 16 Nov 1993
161 Relationship of the People's Television Network, Inc. to the Office of the Press Secretary 16 Nov 1993
158 Legality of Executive Order No. 14, series of 1993 of the Municipal Mayor of Mati, Davao, entitled "An Executive Order informing all heads of departments, heads sections, municipal employees not to entertain invitations to appear before any government entity either for questioning or investigation without permission/clearance from the Mayor's office 18 Nov 1993
159 Regarding the controversy between the Phil. Ports Authority and the Negros Navigation Company on the ownership of the Banago port facility in Negros Occidental 23 Nov 1993
160 Whether the Philippine National Red Cross and the Veterans Federation of the Philippines are government corporations 23 Nov 1993
162 Validity of marriages between Filipinos and French nationals without a Certificate of Legal capacity to marry 24 Nov 1993
164 Legality of granting retirement benefits to former employees of the defunct Phil. Amateur Athletic Federation 26 Nov 1993
163 Whether or not the phrase "households consuming not more than one hundred kilowatt - hours per month, found in Section 4 of RA No. 7648, applies to all electric consumers throughout the Philippines or only to those consumers within the MERALCO franchise area" 29 Nov 1993
167 Ruling on Ordinance No. 65, s. 1993 of the Surigao City, entitled " An ordinance fixing fees for the use of docking facilities at the boulevard or shore protection structure maintained by the city government and for other purposes 29 Nov 1993
165 Whether or not the Central Mindanao University as a state supported educational institution of higher learning, in exemption from payment of docket fees 02 Dec 1993
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166 Whether municipal bonds properly collateralized and guaranteed by HIGC are exempted from registration requirements of the SEC. 07 Dec 1993
169 Whether the prohibition in Section 4(a) of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law to reclassify forest and mineral lands to alienable and disposable land applies to unclassified public forest 09 Dec 1993
168 Interpretation of Section 13 of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt practices Act, as amended 13 Dec 1993
171 In connection with the proposed appointment of the National Chairman of the Sangguniang Kabataan as sectoral representatives 16 Dec 1993
172 Validity of Board Resolution No. 93-136 of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority granting exemption from bidding to Quota Club of Cebu and ATO Employees Cooperative for the award of concession spaces in the airport 16 Dec 1993
170 Whether or not there is existing legal authority for the Phil. Government to counter-guarantee the loans of National Power Corporation under the Expanded Co-Financing Operations program of the World Bank 20 Dec 1993
173 Confirmation that the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation may enter into a certain negotiated contracts with Bear Stearns Phils., Ltd., relative to NHMFC's plan to create and develop a mortgage-backed securities market 22 Dec 1993
174 Confirmation of the view that securities issued by the Home Insurance and Guaranty Corporation are exempt from registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Section 5 of BP Blg. 178 22 Dec 1993
175 Whether or not the Phil. Ports Authority can validly grant to the winning bidder the authority to collect pot charges, otherwise collectible by PPA, under its charter, PD 857, as amended 22 Dec 1993
176 Constitutional prohibition on occupying other position or employment in the government service 23 Dec 1993
177 Whether the Career Executive Service Board in attached to the Civil Service Commission or to the Office of the President 23 Dec 1993
178 Regarding the plan to develop the Elsie Gaches Village into a commercial-cum-institutional center 27 Dec 1993
179 Authority to tribal heads and chieftains to officiate marriage between members of their respective tribes 28 Dec 1993
180 Assistance to facilitate the institution of criminal action for violations of labor standards laws 28 Dec 1993
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181 Legal interpretation of the term "legitimate dependent children", found in Section 393(b) (4) of RA 7160, and Art. 77 (b) (2) (IV) of the Rules and Regulations implementing the law 29 Dec 1993
182 Whether or not the business of processing and selling bottled drinking water falls under the jurisdiction of the National Water Resources Board. 29 Dec 1993
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