Application for Victims' Compensation


Schedule of Availability of Service
Monday to Friday
8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m. without noon break

Who May Avail of the Service:
1.  Those who unjustly accused, convicted, and imprisoned and subsequently acquitted by a court.

     a. certified true copy of lower court’s decision of conviction;
     b. certified true copy of appellate court’s decision of acquittal;
     c. certified true copy of commitment order and released from confinement by the jail warden or prison authority concerned.

2. Those that unjustly detained and released without being charged.
     a.     any proof to show that he was unjustly detained without being charged (e.g. such as records of arrest; detention and release).

3. Those who arbitrarily or illegally detained by the authorities as established under a final court judgment.
    a. certified true copy of the final judgment.

4. Those who are victims of a violent crime:
    a. Dead:

        1) certified true copy of police report (spot & casualty report in case of KIA)
        2) certified true copy of autopsy report in case of death;
        3) certified true copy of death certificate.

    b. Alive:
        1) certified true copy of Doctor’s Medical Certificate with healing period (for serious physical injuries/rape);
        2) certified true copy of psychiatrist certificate, if applicable;
        3) medical official receipts, etc. (in case of serious physical injuries)
        4) certified true copy of resolution/information (in case of rape)
        5) For KIA, Certificate of Legal Beneficiaries/Declaration of Legal Beneficiaries (Authenticated copy)
        6) For WIA, Certificate (wounded) with journal (Authenticated copy)
    Additional Requirements (if the claimant is an heir):
    1) Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificate (if the claimant is spouse);
    2) Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate (if claimant is a child or parents, NSO copy)
    3) Proof of relationship that the claimant is the mother/sister/grandparent;
    4) Barangay Certificate.     

Award Ceiling:
a.    For victims of unjust imprisonment or detention, the compensation shall based on the number of months of imprisonment or detention and every fraction thereof shall be considered one month: Provided, however, That in no case shall such compensation exceed One thousand pesos (P1,000.00) per month.
b.    In all other cases, the maximum amount for which the Board may approved a claim shall not exceed Ten Thousand pesos (P10,000.00) or the amount necessary to reimburse the claimant the expenses incurred for hospitalization, medical treatment, loss of wages, loss of support or other expenses directly related to the injury, whichever is lower. This is without prejudice to the right of the claimant to seek other remedies under existing laws.

Where to File Applications:
Get and file application to the Board of Claims, Department of Justice, P. Faura St. Ermita, Manila or to the Regional Prosecution Office nearest you within six (6) months after release from imprisonment or detention or after the violent crime was committed.

When to File Claim:
Any person entitled to compensation under this Act must, within six (6) months after being released from imprisonment or detention, or from the date the victim suffered damage or injury, file his claim with the Department, otherwise, he is deemed to have waved the same. Except as provided for in this Act, no waiver of claim whatsoever is said.

Filing of Claims by Heirs:
In case of death or incapacity of any person entitled to any award under this Act, the claim may be filed by his/her heirs, in the following order: by his surviving spouse, children, natural parents, brother and/or sister.

BOC-DOJ Main Office – 2 Months and 1 Hour
Regional Prosecution Office – 2Months, 1 Week and 1 Hour